More than producing quality coffees, we have the principle of building a better world. Starting with a correct use of the land and sustainable producing practices, we cultivate a healthy work environment, valuing the people that are dedicated to growing and bringing this coffee to your table.

The name Kaynã derives from the tupi guarani native language and means “one that lives in the woods”; it perfectly translates our mission to produce coffee in total harmony with nature. Our crops are located on the foothills of the Mantiqueira mountain range, in the Mogiana region of São Paulo state, in a property that excels in biodiversity preservation.

Our actions, which led us to be honored with the Brazil's Outstanding Coffee Farmer award in 2009, culminate in the UTZ and Rainforest Alliance standards that we proudly adopt.

Kaynã Coffee is a symbol of high quality sustainable coffee, the result of a dedicated work that begins at Retiro Santo Antônio Estate and counts on the collaboration of conscious consumers that share the same ideal, just like you.

Kaynã Coffee: special flavor of commitment to nature.


The Farm has 65 thousand coffee trees, grown in 81 of the 316 acres of property, located in the Mogiana Region of the State of São Paulo, which provides a perfect climate for producing excellent quality coffee.

Crops are divided into 11 coffee fields of 6 different cultivars: Bourbon Amarelo, Bourbon Vermelho, Mundo Novo, Obatã, Acaiá, and Tupi.

Here we consider coffee more than a fruit, here it is treated with the respect of a beverage, and keeping this in mind during the whole process that we dedicate to it a careful management before, during and after the harvest.

When we talk about SUSTAINABILITY it is very common to always think about the environment, but it is a much broader concept that should be a continuous search for a balance between the Social - Environmental - Economic, and within rural properties, this compels us to involve ourselves deeply in our daily actions, always remembering that:

: they are our employees and their families, our clients, our suppliers and our family;
Environmental: they are the areas of environmental protection but also the protection of headwaters, proper disposal of all waste, proper crop management, etc...
Economic: includes efficient management, compliance and punctuality of payments, adding value to our products, etc...

<Mandala of our Sustainable Coffee - Click here>and know more in details about the actions we take in our daily lives to ensure the sustainability of our coffee.

Some of these socio-environmental actions are triple certified through international certifications Rainforest Alliance (since 2010), UTZ (since 2013) and BSCA (since 2014) <See more details in here>

There is no use having a coffee with beverage quality and environmental compliance if it is not safe to be consumed. For this we take a lot of precautions to prevent contamination caused by humidity (OTA - Ochratoxin A) and also by the feces of domestic animals and rodents.

Some actions taken:
• fenced drying patios to avoid the entry of domestic animals;
• control of rodents and bats in the barns;
• cleaning of the machinery, barns and drying patios before and during the harvest;
• precaution to avoid the batches mixtures;
• storage in certified warehouse.

Inside the gates:
All operations performed in the Coffee, since its planting to its transport to the warehouse, are thoroughly recorded in a software... <Click here to see more>
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