“What I hear I forget, what I see I remember, what I do I understand”

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The Farm always keeps its gates open to groups of tourists, students and professionals that are interested in getting to know the environmental work that we practise here, as well as the production process for our main product, which is certified coffee.

The groups are received and guided personally by the administrator's son, and for that reason the schedules are completely adaptable to the conditions of the visiting group.

Depending on the type of group and the time that is available to them,  the schedule may include the following attractions for children, teenagers and the elderly:

Nature trail: includes a visit to "Nascente Modelo" and the areas that were recently reforestated and already fully grown along with the Native Forest, so that the visitors can visualize its evolution. During the tour we will be explaining the importance of water and protecting the environment, and passing on the main values that are associated with: the Riparian forest, rainfall, global warming, pollution, etc...
Planting of native trees;
Coffee chat: the history of coffee, illustrations of the coffee production phases from the grain to the mug, and its health benefits, etc...
The differences between urban life and life in the countryside: food, customs, sanitation, etc...
A visit to the Old Engine Room: where a water wheel with 2.5 meters in diameter once moved a stone mill, cane mill, grinder pump and a water pump. All of this equipment is still at the location to this day;
Coffee harvest (between May and August);
"Jabuticaba" harvesting and free consumption (between September and October);
Honey production: Curiosities and benefits, including illustrations of the protective clothing worn, the beehive, propolis, etc...
A visit  to the coffee farms riding on a wagon protected from the sun pulled by a tractor;
Feeding the fish;
Farm waste disposal, trash recycling.

For college and technical course students:
The Farm hosts groups from a variety of courses, with emphasis on the following areas: Agronomy, Environment, Tourism and Work Safety, enabling the schedule to be adapted based on the visitor's profile.

In addition to the previous options, others may also be included:

Agro-ecological Coffee management (crop afforestation, fertilization, pruning, bush management, biological control, minimal use of pesticides, etc.);
Reforestation (planting techniques and regeneration, choosing the appropriate species, etc);
Farm waste management (household, production, maintenance, etc.)
Water resources and Wildlife protection plan;
Production traceability;
Criteria to certify a rural property;
Rural estate administration.

Students from elementary school to high school;
 Students from the Agronomy, Environmental, Tourism, and Administration Colleges;
Students from the Environmental and Work Safety Technical Courses;
Senior citizens.

We prefer getting in touch with the teachers or coordinators before the visit so that we can hear their expectations and suggest them schedule options that would complement what the students are learning in theory.

Full time: From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
With a welcoming  breakfast, lunch and a farewell afternoon lunch. Half time with lunch: from 9 AM to 2 PM
With welcoming breakfast and lunch

Half time without lunch, approximate duration of 3 hours, and it can either be during morning or afternoon, time depending on the convenience to the group.
With welcoming breakfast

Overnight: We do not offer overnight services in the Farm itself, but if there is demand we have partnerships with local hotels.

The lunch takes place in a beautiful rural restaurant near the Farm, with food made on wood fired ovens, for groups with more than 30 people, or in a restaurant located in the city for groups with less than 30 people.
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